Storytelling is my thing and small businesses are my bag.

I help independent retailers and makers find their voice online by sharing their stories and shaping their brand. I work with busy, hard-working women who sell lovely things and deserve to be discovered.

that’s THE SWEET SPOT where my ardent love for shopping, 10+ years of marketing planning and creative copywriting expertise kick in.

oh, and I’m EmmA by the way, A lover of alliteration and leopard print.


How can I help you grow your small business?


Be your marketing coach


Marketing Coaching

Need some help with ideas and not quite sure where to start? Let’s get on a call and I’ll coach you to become a confident small business marketer. We’ll find the clarity you need to market your small business with confidence and you’ll get practical advice that you can implement to grow your business right away.

Write your marketing plan

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Marketing Planning

Don’t miss out on your opportunities for marketing to your customers. Let me develop a step-by-step marketing roadmap for you to follow and apply so you can be sure you’re making the most of the time and money you spend on marketing.

Do your marketing for you


Monthly Marketing

Sometimes you just want to know it’s done for you. Let me take the pressure off your workload and handle your marketing for you. End-to -end. No more worrying about posting to the gram or emailing that list, I’ve got your back so you can get on with running your business.

Building your small business?
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