5 apps to improve your small business social media

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Social media takes time and energy to be effective for your small business, alas there's no quick fix for success but these apps can certainly help you add polish to you posts and make your images look incredible.

1. Mosaico

Ever wondered why some people's Instagram feeds look so seamless and well thought out? It's because they are.

There's really not much instant about Instagram these days and planning your posts ahead of time can help you create a better gallery of images and post more timely and engaging content.

This clever app helps you plan your posts in advance. It has a grid feed view that you can play around with your layout to work out which images work well next to each other on your grid. You can draft your posts in it and it also allows you to group hashtags for you to reuse and refer to in future posts. Saving time and making your feed look better - I'm a fan.

It's the way I curate my instagram feed.

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2. Color story

If you're still using the filters built into Instagram's app then may I introduce you to a world of new options with the free app Color Story.

This useful image app provides you with some more sophisticated filters (many are free but you can also buy additional ones to suit your needs) and special effects that you can add to your images. The app has just added a planning and sharing feature too which like Mosaico means you can see how your feed will look before you post it - important when you are building your business brand. 

Why should you use these filters instead of the one Instagram offers in it's app? The filters Color Story provides are bit more subtle than the ones you find on Instagram and allow you to tweak the look of your images to fit your own style without looking like they have obviously been filtered and a bit false.

Applying these filters to your photos can help you create a consistent feel to your photos building up a look that's your own and your followers will come to recognise. 

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3. Over

This great app allows you to add type and graphics to your images using a whole host of lovely fonts and typefaces. It has templates so you can always size your images perfectly for use across your social media channels and also links to Unsplash. What's more it has useful guides for creating promotional cards and flyers too - meaning there's no reason you can't have on brand, professional looking marketing material in minutes.

4. Buffer

If you're looking at ways to free up time the Buffer app is a great way to schedule your social media posts ahead of time. The app is easy to use and allows you to load up your content and schedule it ready to be released whilst you are out - so you can be in a meeting, walking your dog or picking the kids up safe in the knowledge your social feeds are active. Just don't forget to check back to respond to any comments you receive. The app is free for up to three social feeds so if you're just looking into scheduling then it's an ideal way to start.

5. Canva

If you need a banner for your facebook page, a header for your Linkedin profile or a Pinterest graphic for your latest blog post, Canva can be a great go to app for all your graphics. With thousands of easy to use templates make it straightforward to create the right size images for your needs and the design tools make it a really simple way to add some polish to your posts. 

Show me what you can do

If you use any of these apps I'd love to see what you do with your images - tag me in your photos over on Instagram and I'll pop over and take a look.

You'll find me at @at_her_table Look forward to seeing you there...

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At Her Table 5 apps to help your small business social media12.jpg



Emma DJ